a family owned company since 1914


​The Andre business traces its beginnings back to 1914. Floyd Andre was raised on a farm between Forest Lake and Fairdale, Pennsylvania. His father operated a small gristmill powered by the water flowing from Forest Lake. Floyd married and moved to Montrose, where he labored for several years in a machine shop operating a metal planer. Adjacent to the machine shop, James Jeffers owned a gristmill on the corner of Mill and Cherry Street. In 1914 Floyd and William Sweet leased the mill and began the company of Andre & Sweet. The mill and much of the block burned to the ground in 1916, but the mill was promptly rebuilt. In 1924, the two partners bought the real estate from Mr. Jeffers. Soon afterwards Mr. Sweet was tragically killed in an automobile accident west of Montrose. In 1931 Floyd’s son, DeWitt, purchased Mrs. Sweet’s partnership interest and the firm became Andre & Son. Floyd remained active in the business until his death in 1952.


DeWitt managed the company by himself until his three sons, Neil, Dave, and Joe, completed their education and military services. They all joined the business between 1958 and 1965. Their involvement permitted the expansion of the milling and farm store functions. They also became more aggressive in lime and fertilizer activities. The main facilities in town were enlarged and those along route 706 (current facilities) were created. During this time the business became incorporated, thus the name change to Andre & Son, Inc.


In the early 1990’s, three members of the fourth generation of the family, Scott, Mark, and Steve, joined the firm. Growth and change of the company continues including the development of a substantial commercial turf business and most recently the addition of a Powersports company, Andre & Son Powersports in 2003.


Andre & Son, Inc. remains a locally owned and family operated enterprise. As such, it has the very unusual distinction of being a fourth generation business. The family is proud of the heritage of the business and recognizes that the present-day Andre & Son, Inc. would not exist were it not for the dedicated and sincere efforts of all its past and current employees and customers.

The Jeffers Mill - Prior to the fire of 1916
New True Value Store & Offices - Opened 2005