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Contract Services
Contract Services was founded in 1989, our goal has always been to deliver quality services.
Conventional Aerification


Aeration is pivotal in regulating organic matter and relieving soil compaction within the turf. Regular aeration practices ensure the turf will have proper air and water mixture to survive stress throughout the year. Conventional Aerification is done using three point John Deere Aercore, powered by Kubota Tractors. We offer a variety of tine sizes and have the ability to provide multiple spacing patters.

Core Removal


One of the most tiresome processes when aerifying is core removal. The ability to efficiently clean up and dispose of the cores, will allow you to resume play as quickly as possible. Core Removal is done with several profession specific pieces of equipment designed to expedite cleanup time.





The benefits of topdressing cannot be underestimated. The ability to have a smoother playing surface, optimal seed bed and control of the thatch layer are only some of the benefits to topdressing. 



Deep Tine Aerification


Heavily compacted areas compromise deep root development, which is vital for healthy turf. Deep Tining Aeration can enhance deep root growth and plant health by vertically fracturing the soil. The Deep Tine Aerification process is done with Soil Reliever SR72, powered by Kubota Tractors. We offer a range of tines to meet each specific need.

Application Services

The ability to apply those needed materials is critical for turf development and plant health. Bulk Spreading and Spraying allows for quick and easy applications over large areas. We can apply fertilizers, pelletized lime, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. Chemicals can be applied through granular or liquid products.



​As seed prices continue to grow, it is imperative that the process of seeding be as productive as possible. We offer multiple over seeding and broadcast seeding options to help better fit your exact needs.



Rotary Decompaction


Ideal tool for those heavily compacted, poor drainage athletic fields and fairways. Rotary Decompaction is performed using an Imants Shockwave 210, powered by Kubota Tractors. It’s regarded as the world’s fastest PTO driven rotary, linear decompactor.




Proper Drainage beneath the earth’s surface can increase overall plant health. Whether it’s due to nature’s deposits or poor construction, trenching is a viable source for controlling soil drainage, creating a healthier turf and subsurface for the plant to grow.

Construction & Renovation


Not only do we specialize in maintenance but also the construction and renovation of turf grounds and surfaces.





Root Pruning


Stop the spread of roots within turf areas, while also stimulating lateral root development. Using Imants Shockwave equipped with special root pruning blades, root pruning can be done with little to no disruption of the turf.







One of our biggest challenges as superintendents is to do necessary cultivation without upsetting the golfer. Working with my local sales representative from Andre & Son we worked out a contract service plan to have our greens, tees, and fairways aerated, cleaned up, and sanded in one day. The golf course was open the following day with minimal disruption to our members. I believe this is a win/win for everyone. I have been using Turf King granular fertilizers for a number of years and I believe with the combination of contract services and optimal fertilization we have made the cultivation process as efficient as possible. The first time takes some good communication and some courage but after the members saw the results it was a “no brainier”.



      -Adam Mis, Superintendent at Brookfield CC in Clarence, NY