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Turface Products
Turf Conditioners

Field & Fairway™ – Designed specifically for use in native soil sports fields, this medium sized particle is ideal for incorporation, topdressing, infilling aeration holes, or dumping and raking on problem areas. It’s available in natural and emerald green color to disguise worn areas in sports turf.

Greens Grade™ – The smaller particle size of Greens Grade is ideal for sand-based root zones. Incorporate into sand-base soils, infill aeration holes, or topdress using natural- or emerald-colored conditioner to improve footing, disguise worn areas, absorb moisture and improve the overall health of your turf.

Turface MVP® – The large particle size of Turface MVP makes it an excellent conditioner for native soil sports turf. Available in a natural color, MVP can be used in construction, renovation and topdressing applications for turf, in addition to its common use on infields.

Infield Conditioners

Turface MVP® — No other infield conditioner has been used on more diamonds than Turface MVP. Its large particle size resists compaction and controls moisture. MVP is ideal for infield maintenance as well as construction.

Turface Pro League® — Smaller, more uniform particles and color options of natural, red, Heritage Red and Champion Brown make this conditioner the choice of most Major League groundskeepers. Choose Turface Pro League for unsurpassed performance and just the right aesthetic!

Turface Quick Dry® — The fine particle size of Turface Quick Dry makes it the perfect choice for eliminating puddles and standing water. And it works effectively without caking or hardening. There's a reason Quick Dry is called the game saver!

Mound & Box Packing Clay

MoundMaster® Blocks – These hydraulically packed blocks of clay create the perfect foundation around home plate in the batter’s and catcher’s boxes. They come out of the bag pliable and ready to work.

Turface Professional Mound Clay® – The same virgin clay used in MoundMaster Blocks is offered in a finely shredded bagged clay that is great for easy shaping on the mound. It also works well for filling in holes dug out by cleats as part of an ongoing plate and mound maintenance routine.

Turface Mound & Plate All-Purpose Clay® – A sand/clay mixture that is an affordable alternative packing clay for construction and repair of mound and plate areas. It is also an excellent additive to soft, sandy areas of the infield to firm them up for safer footing and consistent ball hops.