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Processed Mushroom Soil/ Earth Repair - Aged Finished Mushroom Compost dried and sized.  This is the easiest compost to amend an existing terrain.  Processed Mushroom Soil is dry and spreadable without specialized equipment.  This product comes in two sizes.  THIS IS NOT A FERTILIZER, it is a Soil Amendment.

Fertl Green Divot Repair - This is the best looking divot repair we produce, it consists of USGA grade topdressing sand blended with Sterilized Aged Mushroom Soil. We color this a rich, dark green color and set it in to insure a long lasting free flowing product with great germination to repair the divots long before the color fades away

Green Sand - USGA Grade sand dyed and dried with for a green color topdressing or divot repair sand.

This is available in 2 distinct colors - Green or Dark Green

Kiln Dried Tan Sand - USGA sand tested annually to assure our sand is the best for your application

Black Sand - Kiln Dried Black Sand for ice melting and topdress applications.