Custom Blended Seed

We design, mix, and package seed to suit your special formulation.


Tons of seed ingredients are on hand, with several mixes stocked, prepared to exact specifications. Larger orders are generally palletized at 1000 lbs. and can be covered and stretch wrapped to provide virtually rain-free shipment and storage.


Commonly, seed mixes are prepared for contractors according to the landowner's personal use, whether for forage, pasturing, or even game plots. Farm grasses, clovers, alfalfa, etc., are on hand with brassica, turnip, and chicory also stocked. Some orders recognizably may be quite small. Grain rye is commonly used as a quick cover crop to augment mulching needs.


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Custom Blended Fertilizer


Much of the output in the fertilizer plant is custom formulate to meet special and specific needs of our customers. All fertilizers, whether bulk or bagged, are produced in our plant. This facility also coordinates deliveries, dispatches bulk lime spreader trucks, and controls the fleet of rental lime and fertilizer spreader units. For the winter season our facility prepares several ice melting products.