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Bulk Fertilizer Delivery


The tender truck delivers bulk fertilizer, sometimes mixed with pelletized lime, using an auger system to transfer the product. Four separate bins combine for a load of 12 to 15 tons, depending on the product.

Bulk Spreader


Small areas that require a more precision application, the Ford F-550 Spreader vehicle is used. This truck can carry 3 tons of product. Applications are controlled using a radar-guided computer.



5 Ton Rental Trailer Spreaders

These spreaders are utilized for spreading lime and fertilizer.

Bulk Lime Spreader


The bulk lime spreading service provides either dolomitic or calcitic products from our stockpile. Lime is often arranged to be "direct dumped" on-site, direct from the quarry.



Offering on-site delivery of all palletized products. Each of our 5 trucks carry a forklift to facilitate unloading.