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Topdressing & Bunker Sand
Silica Sand

A moist, pure sand topdressing that is produced based on USGA specifications. This light tan silica sand has a pH between 7.0 and 7.4.

Trap Sand

A beige, sub-angular sand that is silica in nature. This product resists wind erosion.

Dried/Treated Topdress Sand

A dry, pure sand topdressing with particles sized as recommended in USGA specifications. The sand is consistent and is tightly screened to remove particles larger than 1 mm. The product is treated with a soil surfactant for more effective watering. Prevents the build up on rollers, while providing some dew and localized dry spot control.

60-40 Divot Mix

A blend of 60% dried sand plus 40% green organic waste (leaves, grass, and/or brush) that has composted for more than a year. The high organic content assures good moisture retention to support favorable seed germination and plant growth.

90-10 Topdress Mix

This fine product is 90% dried and treated sand with 10% humus, mixed and sized per the USGA recommendations. It is treated with a soil surfactant and carries the benefits set forth in the TDT description.

85-15 Construction Mix

Ideal for new construction, this is a blend of 85% sand and 15% sphagnum. It is well within the guidelines of the USGA for putting green construction and has K-Sat rates between 10 and 20 inches per hour.

Infield Mix

A blend of sand, silt, and clay for high performance playing surfaces.

White Bunker Sand

A white, sub-angular sand particularly suitable for fairway and green side bunkers. The particle size is consistent with the recommendations of the USGA. Screened to remove any oversize particles, this product dries to a pleasing white color.