a family owned company since 1914

Manufacturing custom blended fertilizers.

Bulk and bagged lime. Hi-Mag, Hi-Cal, pelletized.

Specializing in custom seed orders made to your specifications.

Whether you're a mainstream commercial farmer or a sideline grower, the Andre & Son Crops Center provides a wide range of products and services to accommodate your cropping needs.

Seed by Seedway and Growmark's FS, plus bale wrap, fencing, twine, bagged fertilizers, and many palleted items are warehoused. Included in this facility are all farm and commercial turf pesticides.

Dairy farming is the primary agricultural industry in this northeastern area of PA, but it is supplemented by orchards, beef herds, and grain farming. Recently, the popularity in establishing feed plots has spawned new crop varieties and practices for feeding deer, turkey, and game birds. Our working with Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA) members is ongoing. The QDMA is very active and is partnered with the National Turkey Federation.

Whether your interest is that of a commercial farmer or of a backyard hobbyist, you’ll find dependable farming advice and your crop needs at the Crops Center.

Agricultural Supplies & Warehouse

Agriculture & Natural Gas

The Ag Division integrates very well with the requirements of natural gas exploration and production. Lime, fertilizer, and seed are each a key input at any disturbed soil site. We work closely with DEP and the county conservation services in Pennsylvania and New York, supplying products to stabilize site pads, roads, and pipelines.


The fertilizer plant is a busy hub. Much of the output is custom formulated to meet specific needs. All fertilizers, whether bulk or bagged, are produced here. This facility also bears the responsibilities of helping to coordinate deliveries, dispatching bulk lime spreader trucks, and controlling the fleet of rental lime and fertilizer spreader units. For the winter season this facility prepares several ice melting products.