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There's a Reason We're Called the Harvest King 

Our Harvest King line of Fertilizers is top of the line proven winner. But we're aren't just called the Harvest King for that reason. We're the Harvest King because we're the experts. You have an agricultural problem, we'll help you the solution to solve it. We are an authorized dealer of hundreds of products. Our knowledgeable staff will work with you to get you the optimal results possible. 


Our products offered are listed on this page. Click on the category to see all products. Have a question? We're here to help. Fill out the form below or give us a call. 

  • Harvest King Products
    Harvest King 19-19-19 - Is a top-of-the-line all-purpose fertilizer designed to be used in a variety of applications with maximum concentration for vegetable garden and crop use. Apply 19-19-19 for a strong boost in growth and improve disease resistance. Available by the 50 lb. bag. Harvest King 14-14-14 CS with XCU – Is an excellent Corn Starter Fertilizer. XCU slow-release nitrogen aids in extending your fertilizer feed to improve overall crop yields and fertilize with a micro nutrient pak. Available by the 50 lb. bag. Harvest King 10-10-10 – Is a quality fertilizer designed for all-purpose application. This fertilizer is popular with homeowners and is ideal for lawn, garden, and vegetable use. Very commonly used as a lawn starter or topdress fertilizer and gives an extra boost in growth when applied as mid-season applications. Available by the 50 lb. bag. Harvest King 3-10-30 –Clover topper is manufactured to build-up the available phosphorous and potassium to improve soil conditions primarily for legume crop and soy beans. This is a great fertilizer to use as the foundation to a season long feeding program. Available by the 50 lb. bag. Harvest King 46-0-0 – Urea nitrogen is vital in improving crop growth for grasses and corn often used as a pre-planting application. With an immediate release of nitrogen, you get the boost the crop needs early in the season to grow healthy, and to increase yields. Available by the 50 lb. bag. Harvest King 23-6-23 Maxgrass – This fertilizer helps control high pH in soils and replaces missing nutrients in dry grass areas. Harvest King 10-20-20 – This is a standard starter fertilizer. This blend id designed to build the phosphorus and potash levels to promote early growth. Harvest King 15-0-15 CS – This is an excellent Corn Starter. Idea fertilized used promote early growth when no phosphorus is needed.
  • General Statements for the Agricultural Division & other services offered:
    Custom bulk fertilizer blending facility Bulk lime – pelletized calcitic & dolomitic. Seedings – custom mixed to your specifications. Seed Corn – order in November for specific features several choices stocked through spring Soil Samples Pesticides, Insecticides, Fungicides
  • Secondary Fertilizers
    When partnered with Harvest King fertilizer, additional fertilizer products increase the micro nutrients available to the plant or crop. This aids in feeding the plant and increasing the overall yield. This is especially beneficial to berry crops, grapes, and vegetables. Calcium Nitrate 15.5-0-0 19% Ca Pelletized Sulfate (Gypsum) Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom Salt) Copper Sulfate Boron 10% Zinc 36% Iron 50% Magnesium 58% Sul-Po-Mag (Trio) 0-0-22 +Mg Potassium Sulfate 0-0-50
  • Harvest King Fertilizer Ingredients
    Available in the 50 lb bag. Urea 46-0-0 Ammonium Sulfate 21-0-0 Diammonium Phosphate 18-46-0 Muriate of Potash 0-0-62
  • Andre & Son Total Lawn Package
    Phase 1 – Turf King 22-0-8 Fertilizer with Dithiopyr Crabgrass Control: Spread April 1 – May 31 Phase 2 – Turf King 19-0-6 Fertilizer with Escalade Broadleaf Control: Spread May 15 – June 15 & Aug 15 – Sept 3 Phase 3 – Turf King 21-0-7 with Imida-Lambda Insecticide: Spread June 1 – July 31 Phase 4 – Turf King 15-0-4 30% XCU with Bio Winterizer: Spread September 15 – Mid October
  • Animal Feeds
    Select Stock 16% Wrangler All Stock 12% Whole & Cracked Corn Layer Mash 16% Non-Medicated Scratch Grains ProForce Fuel ProForce Senior Heardfirst Milkreplacer 20-20

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